Alternate Ferrari and McLaren 2016 Liveries


The Ferrari was done before they launched their car on Friday – I had read the reports that they were looking to incorporate more white (possibly to please Philip Morris?). I remember always liking their 1993 livery and looked to combine the extra white and a more classic Ferrari “scarlet” colour, along with the black wings that everybody loves. This was the result – nothing groundbreaking, just a classic livery re-imagined for 2016.

Ferrari 2016

The McLaren was, again, done before they launched ┬áthe MP4-31. Since signing with Honda, McLaren have suggested that they could be harking back to liveries of old. What we got last season was the odd choice of a West McLaren Mercedes with no West and no Mercedes. They then switched to the dull metallic graphite with the McLaren chevron added on in random places (twice on the nose – why!?).

My take on it goes back to the original McLaren orange, their current graphite and hints of their former alliance with Honda in the 90s.

McLaren 2016

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