American Road Trip


Last September, my wife and I embarked on our grand American road trip for our honeymoon. We had 4 weeks in South-West America, visiting places like San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Flagstaff and Yosemite (amongst many other places).

We hired a small car and drove it 3,506 miles in 4 weeks, stopping off in some of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been. And Vegas, which is just plain weird and an assault on your senses, but ultimately enjoyable (if only for a few days).

I only took my Sigma 18-200 lens with me for this one; my constant shooting did wear a bit thin on my wife and I think that it would have been even worse had I taken some other lenses with me. I actually bought the Sigma especially for this trip. I knew I’d need something versatile and couldn’t really spare the luggage space for multiple lenses anyway.

During the 4 weeks I managed to take in excess of 1,500 photos despite being fairly restrained with the photography. The variety of shots that I took are something that I’m pretty pleased about, with many of them being well out of my comfort zone. Some worked better than others, but it was all a good learning experience and a ton of fun.

As I learn more about Lightroom and post-processing, I may return to some of the shots and re-process them. I’m always learning new tricks and tips and that can only improve the output of my photos.