British F3 at Oulton Park


Here’s the second part of my outing yesterday – photos from rounds 3 and 4 of the British F3 at Oulton Park.

Monday’s racing was much less spectacular than Saturday’s. That may be no bad thing considering the frightening accident that Ameya Vaidyanathan suffered on Saturday.

It was a colossal accident and Vaidyanathan was incredibly lucky to escape without injury. Even more incredible was that Carlin were able to rebuild Vaidyanathan’s car around the undamaged chassis and he was back racing on Monday.

As with the British GTs, I was eager to get the Oulton Park photo. I was less successful than I was with the GT cars as I’d not attempted this before, the F3 cars being the first chance I’d had to try my hand. I could probably make something of more of the attempts but I’d rather have higher quality photos over a mixed bag to make up the numbers.

You can see the gallery below or, if you fancy taking a look at my other galleries, head over to my Motorsport Photography Gallery