British GT – Oulton Park


Here’s a novelty – photos taken today at rounds 3 and 4 of the British GT championship at Oulton Park all processed and uploaded in good time!

I was really looking forward to today for a few reasons. Firstly, I started wearing contact lenses this week and was really looking forward to seeing (no pun intended) what it was like to shoot with them. I was also on my own (I usually go to races with friends) and really enjoyed the freedom that gave me with where I went, when, for how long and just being able to concentrate on photography. And the weather forecast was great.

One thing I really wanted to try today was to get the Oulton Park shot – cars cresting the hill at Lodge with the old stone building in the background. Sadly, that shot is a lot harder to get now as a large debris fence was erected a few years ago at the prime location for that shot. Thankfully, at 200mm and 6.3 (and with a little Lightroom magic), the fence is all but invisible. A longer/faster lens would have been advantageous though, especially as I was limited to using my rather soft Sigma 18-200 due to my 70-300 developing a fault.

One thing I really missed was the massive Sigma 150-600 I’d hired for the WEC back in April. Using my existing glass was a bit disappointing as I really miss the speed, accuracy and length of the Sigma.

I will be processing and uploading photos from the British F3 races later on. In the meantime, here’s the album from the GT cars.