Fast Eddy Racing Enduro Series


After a long break of no motorsport and a very generous gift from Santa in the form of a Canon 70-200 F4L USM, it was good to get out and photographing things that go fast. It was my first time at a Fast Eddy Racing Enduro Series event. It was held in Tong at the Park Wood Off-Road Centre. And it was completely unlike any other sort of motorsport I’ve photographed.

The conditions were challenging to shoot in – dark, rainy, in shade, exceptionally muddy and absolutely freezing. I took an assortment of lenses with me for this one – the kit 18-55, a Yongnuo 35mm F2, Canon 50mm F1.8 and the new 70-200 F4L.

Being able to get so close to the action meant I could go really wide and still fill the frame nicely, though it did make it a bit of a challenge to get the subjects nice and sharp. Other challenges included trying to keep the mud off the business end of my lenses (I failed here) and avoiding the flying rocks (again, I failed here). Luckily the rocks only hit me and not my lenses. The choice of lenses I had and the lack of time pressure owing to the long races meant that I could experiment to my heart’s content.

There was around 300 competitors in two 2 hour enduro events. The course was long, muddy, wet and very challenging. Many riders looked exhausted and there were quite a few tumbles. Watching the riders take to the air over the many jumps around the course was great. Some of riders were keen to show off their aerial prowess when confronted with a camera pointed their way and put some extra style into their jumps, albeit with varying degrees of success.