Harewood Speed Hillclimb


Yesterday I spent the day at Harewood Hillclimb with my Dad. Having spent the vast majority of my life living less than 15 miles from Harewood I figured that it was about time that I headed to the hill and enjoy some more unusual cars blatting up a hill in the glorious June sunshine.

There was a huge range in cars – from the tiny little Cooper Mk6 to the Aston Martin Vantage GT4 with anything and everything inbetween.

Harewood offers many great spectating spots and allows you to get close to the action. It also has what is now one of my favourite views – cars blasting between the barns and the farmhouse towards the hairpin.

For once I actually found that my 18-200mm Sigma to be too long at 200 which is something of a novelty. The majority of shots were done at between 80 and 135mm and even then the cars were occasionally too big in frame.

Towards the end of the day, we headed to the final corner and I decided to try my hand at some slow shutterspeed panning. I dropped as low as 1/10th but that proved to be a little too hit-and-miss. 1/20th was much better though and gives a rather impressive sense of speed, even if the cars messed up the corner and were crawling through at 20mph.

The full gallery of shots can be found here. More will probably be added as and when I get round to processing more of the pictures.